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November 2017
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The podcast returns with the one and only Paul Scheer, you know him from the sketch group Human Giant, The League, Fresh Off The Boat, NTSF:SD:SUV his podcast How Did This Get Made? and numerous other film and television programs.

We discuss the new season of The Hotwives (which Paul executive produces, and is now streaming on Hulu), and Paul's new special with Rob Huebel, Crash Test. In addition we talk podcasting, Human Giant, the fate of his 30 Rock character Donny, Disney World, Marvel and resurgence of the 90s and MORE!  

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On this episode I am joined by performer and voiceover actor Lucky Yates who does the voice of Dr Krieger of the hit FX series Archer. We talks Archer, old school cartoons, Atlanta's ferris wheel problem and more.

And please check out our Podfund campaign, we have 38 days to raise $1300 to get new equipment for the show

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Episode 41- Sharr White or Why Not To Do An Interview At The Marriott Marquee 8th Floor Bar

On this episode of the podcast jeremy is joined by Playwright Sharr White whoses plays The Other Place and The Snow Geese have been produced on Broadway and whose new play Annapurna is currently playing off-broadway with Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally .

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Recorded during the 2013 New York Comic Con,Aisha Tyler returns to the show to discuss her book Self Inflected Wounds, Archer Season 5, Spike Lee's Oldboy,Korean Cinema, Whose Line Is It Anyway and more.

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We're Back!

And coming to you live for the first time from the New York City Podcast Festival!

Our guests is Nick Turner (Best Week Ever) and music from Skulk, The Hulking

So Don't Mind The Buzz! Jump On Into A New Episode!

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We return after a long hiatus with the king of podcasting Paul F. Tompkins (Mr Show, Best Week Ever, There Will Be Blood). Among other things we discuss podcasting, America's love of Downton Abby, and Pauls' thoughts on The Master.

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A Godfather of the comedy podcast Mr Scott Aukerman (Mr Show, Between Two Ferns With Zack Galifinakis) the mastermind of all things Comedy Bang Bang  joins me to talk about his career, the new Comedy Bang Bang television show, reality television and we run down The Last List all this and more on a brand new edition of This My Show.

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This week we are joined by the hilarious Billy Eichner. He is the host of the Fuse game show Funny or Die's Billy On The Street and has recently been seen on Conan. We talk about the origins of the show, his thoughts on Brad & Angelina's engagement, the wonders of old actors on twitter, his opinion of Madonnas new album and other topics in the world of pop culture, plus we close out with yet another edition of This or That.

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We are back with a new episode of the podcast featuring musician/actor/composer all around talented guy Nick Blaemire (Cry Baby, Godspell, Glory Days). We discuss his involvement with the new Broadway revival of Godspell, his past theater history including the circumstances involving his musical Glory Days. The release of his new ep Nick Blaemire and The Hustle ´╗┐and his thoughts on the current state of theater, religion and what role he really wants to play on stage, and we close with the return of The Last List.

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This week we are joined by actor Raviv Ullman as we discuss his past as the star of the Disney channel series Phil of The Future, The role that religion has played in his life, and starring in the new play Russian Transport now playing at The New Group 

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