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May 2018
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We are back with a new episode of the podcast featuring musician/actor/composer all around talented guy Nick Blaemire (Cry Baby, Godspell, Glory Days). We discuss his involvement with the new Broadway revival of Godspell, his past theater history including the circumstances involving his musical Glory Days. The release of his new ep Nick Blaemire and The Hustle ´╗┐and his thoughts on the current state of theater, religion and what role he really wants to play on stage, and we close with the return of The Last List.

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This week we are joined by actor Raviv Ullman as we discuss his past as the star of the Disney channel series Phil of The Future, The role that religion has played in his life, and starring in the new play Russian Transport now playing at The New Group 

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Its time for yet another episode of This My Show  this week featuring writer/director and all around awesome sketch guy David Wain (The State, Stella, Role Models, Wanderlust) as we discuss the new Wainy Days dvd, his new movie Wanderlust, and what we can expect on the new seasons of Children's Hospital & Superjail. 

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Its February, so this week we celebrate black history month with Jordan Carlos (I Just Want My Pants Back, The Colbert Report). We discuss his beginnings, that one times he was on Nickelodeon that involved mustard, His two new MTV series (I Just Want My Pants Back & Guy Code) and just act plan goofy for an hour.

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We have returned from San Francisco.

And we have wasted no time putting together a fresh new episode for your enjoyment!

This episode we are honored to be joined via the magic of telephone by the hilarious Keegan Michael Key (MadTV, Reno 911!) Whose new sketch show with Jordan Peele called Key & Peele premiered tonight on Comedy Central (and airs new episodes every tuesday at 10:30). We discuss the show, his time at Madtv, the state of comedy on television and we dive into Keegans recent past in a new segment called The Last List. 

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Coming to you from beautiful San Francisco California, its another brand new episode of This My Show.

On this episode we are joined by Cole Stratton, he is one of the founders of the excellent SF Sketchfest comedy festival, and you may also know him as one of the co host of the popular Pop My Culture podcast. We talk to Cole about this years festival, what it takes to put together one of the nations biggest comedy festivals and we discuss stories currently developing in the comedy world. All this and a new segment called This Or That.

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Episode 29 - Aziz Ansari

We are back!

Yes after a extended hiatus This My Show returns with a brand new episode and what a better way then to start by having Aziz Ansari (Human Giant, Parks & Recreation) on the show to discuss his career, his hopes, his wishes, and dreams.

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On this episode we are joined by comedian Brian Huskey (Children's Hospital, Onion News Network) as we discuss his beginnings, his time in New York, why he dislikes musicals and what we can expect on the upcoming season of Onion News Network.

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Its the end of summer folks, I know sad stuff but to make yourself feel better you should listen to the new episode of the podcast featuring the very funny John Lutz (SNL, 30 Rock, UCB, Mystery Team) we talk about his childhood, being in a faternity in college, performing in Chicago and John plugs his favorite obscure restaurant, all this and more on this weeks new episode of This My Show.

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This episode of the podcast features the lovely ladies known as the musical comedy duo Garfunkel & Oates. We discuss among other things music, getting started in the business, and the status of their HBO pilot.

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